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Trips out to see something neat

There was an interesting show openning this weekend at the Mississauga Art Gallery. It was attended by many people considerrate of the environment, and how our relationship with it has changed over the eras. People used to relish going out and hunting for adventure, to find the beauty they new was out in the world, and conquering their environment. Now people tend to hide in their comfortable caves, afraid to risk, fearful of discomfort, and utlimately they are unsatisfied. There was a man at the show who had walked there despite the pain in his ankle, and the nerve damage causing that pain and other. He had become comfortable hiding in his condo, but he wanted more than the lonely life he was living. He had decided to start to live fully again. Art show opennings had been an activity he had greatly enjoyed before, so he went online, and signed up for the mailing list of every gallery in his area, and that is how he came to know of the show opening. When the man finally got to the show after several times to stop, and rest his ankle, he got a glass of wine, some cotton-candy grapes, and looked at the art. He did love art, and it is a good interesting show, but what he was really hoping for was to make friends, and maybe contacts for networking. It seemed to him no one wanted to talk to him, so he looked at the art, and enjoyed himself as best he could. The speaches where made, and the man's ankle was bothering him, so he grabbed some cheese, and a fresh glass of wine and sat at a table with some books realted to the show. Soon someone asked if they could sit at the table as well, and he welcomed them. A casual conversation started naturally, and the man who used to be all about himself let himself enjoy being curious about this other. It turned out the longer he listened, the more interesting the details the other person told him. In a short while he had decided to bring his wife to the small town the stranger was from as it sounded like a lovely day trip, and it seemed he may have made a friends with an interesting new person. A elder artist the man had met at a previous show walked by and ended up becoming a lively and funny addition to the conversation. The conversation ended organically, and the man walked the show again, looking deeper into the details that struck him. Then his ankle was in need of another rest, and so he got another glass of wine, and sat at the same place. Shortly after that a woman asked to sit, and he welcomed her to the table. They also had a lovely conversation, and she showed him some of her creations. The man stayed at that show longer than most, and he got more out of it than most by doing so. He felt revitalized. On the walk home he didn't need as many breaks, and he felt good. He daydreamed of what next he would find by living his life to the fullest.

The artwork shown is from the Black Flowers (Dhalias), 2017 work of Sara Angelucci, and is currently on display at the Mississauga Art Gallery as part of the "Undergrowth" show complied by several galleries coperating together to show the artist work.

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