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The Bloody Knee

While volunteering doing the registration at a poetry night hosted by Heart Comonos I saw a young man give an excellent rap performance. His first attempt did not go as well as his second. I could tell he was feeling bad about it. He was the youngest one to take the mic that night, and we were all quite impressed with him . Afterwards he seemed stuck reliving his mistakes instead of appreciating the parts he did quite well. I thought about it on the ride home, and poem worked it's way around inside my head. Here it is:

The Bloody Knee

by Lee Anthony J. Durbacz CH

It's the trip, it's the Fall, it's the bloody knee,

That's what matters most you'll see.

So many hide in towers,

Doomed to never flower.

They beg, and they plead,

Please distract me!

Their souls as empty as can be,

Because they are too afraid to trip, to fall, to bloody a knee.

The Great Work is a craft,

Made by those who can see,

The glory of,

The trip, and the fall , and the bloody knee.

The choice falls to you,

Just who you will be.

When it comes your time to trip, to fall, and bloody a knee.

Will you cry? Will you fail? When it's blood that you see?

Will you blame? Will you whine? And chose the life of a victim to be?

Will you stay safe? Will you deduce? The ways and reasons to be,

Sure to avoid, the trip, and the fall, and the bloody knee.

Will you condescend, will you sacrifice, and say, “Take me!!!”

Desperate for approval as can be,

Selfishly you keep them from wrong, 

And steal someone’s chance to grow strong,

From the trip, and the fall, and the bloody knee.

Oh why can't they see,

In life there is so much to learn,

And wisdom there is only one way to earn.

You must risk, you must do, all that you have strength too,

To be what your soul craves to grow into,

You need the trip, and the fall, and the bloody knee.

So when you trip, and you fall, you bloody a knee,

Rise up, and be strong, and show who you can be!

That you'll not be stopped by a trip, and a fall, and a bloody knee.

And when you’ve conquered your challenges you'll see,

With the strength that you've earned, you'll agree with me,

As your passions fill you to be as good as you can be,

What matters most, is the trip, and the fall, and the bloody knee.

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